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  UltraMotion –
The Advanced Football Game Film and Video Breakdown Software with Analysis and Reporting using Statistics and Tendency Tracking

 UltraMotion, offers you the ability to:

•Take any game film and transfer the content from a VHS tape to a digital format

•Break down and index the content of your game film video into specific categories or customized “Keywords” to create cut-ups and video clips

•“Mark” or make comments to every play throughout a game

•Transfer the video clips onto a DVD/CD-ROM


UltraMotion will also allow you to:

•Graphically draw lines, boxes, and arrows on specific plays or players

•Make notes or comments to specific plays or players

•Save each note, comment, line, box and arrow onto your hard drive or floppy disk

•Print pictures of plays or players with your instructional comments

•Compare one play or player to another in a side by side screen

•View images from up to four different camera angles

•Visually time your plays or players

•Play video in slow motion or double speed

•View video on full screen

•Automatically or interactively play a list of video files compiled from your search results

•Archive existing game films onto a DVD/CD-ROM for digital quality that will last forever

•Create highlight videos on DVD/CD that can play on set-top DVD players as well as the computer

•Search through full season videos across multiple CD/DVDs


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