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> i-MotionAgent (a service for athletes) has new streamlined functions and an enhanced distribution medium. Get the scoop here.

> Come see our new Canopy Pilot Training using our online Tendency Tracking System.

> Have an idea that relates to video and you don’t know how to get started... Visit our consulting section.

> It's here!!! Read about UltraMotion Pro version 4. The simplest and easiest way to analyze Athletic and Football Game Film and Athletic Talent. This app literally talks to you. Check it out.

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Company Overview
McDonough Software Solutions, Inc. is a software company specializing in getting video users like yourself the knowledge and resources it takes to analyze or create your own desktop videos.  Weíll walk you through using software that leverages your video to create customized products you can sell for yourself.  Itís like producing a DVD on steroids.


CEO Message
Making the user more comfortable with how a movement is performed allows the user to swiftly and efficiently concentrate on other tasks.

Mission Statement
McDonough Software Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to the innovation of video in all itís forms.  We believe that breaking down video content to the smallest level helps the observer analyze difficult movements or concepts.

Company Background
Born out of a need for coaches and athletes to review game film faster, cheaper, and more effective than the products currently in the marketplace.  By working with some of the most talented individuals in athletics, Todd McDonough, the Chief Software Architect for McDonough Software Solutions, Inc. engineered two highly acclaimed game film analysis and distribution software applications.

Now, working with talented individuals from the manufacturing and education industries, Todd again developed a corporate training application which became part of the 2004 Volusia County Manufacturers Award for Best Practices in Lean Manufacturing.

The users of these products become part of the talent and we listen to their comments to continuously enhance the applications we create for these industries.

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