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> i-MotionAgent (a service for athletes) has new streamlined functions and an enhanced distribution medium. Get the scoop here.

> Come see our new Canopy Pilot Training using our online Tendency Tracking System.

> Have an idea that relates to video and you don’t know how to get started... Visit our consulting section.

> It's here!!! Read about UltraMotion Pro version 4. The simplest and easiest way to analyze Athletic and Football Game Film and Athletic Talent. This app literally talks to you. Check it out.

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If you have a use for video tape and you currently watch footage to get feedback then we can show you how to increase efficiency and productivity.  We have knowledge of a large variety of software applications that can create, organize, edit, manipulate, and distribute digital video and we’ll analyze your situation to determine if you need an “off the shelf” or custom solution.

Todd McDonough is the Chief Software Architect and Developer for McDonough Software Solutions, Inc.  He's been a Microsoft Certified Professional for over 22 years.  A software and systems consultant for over 27 years.  And years of experience in the following industries.

Athletics - over 29 years
Digital Video Development - over 27 years
Distance Learning - 21 years
Web Design and Development - 21 years

Drop us a line at Consulting@McDonoughSoftware.com and tell us how you are using your video as well as what you would like to get out of it.  We’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

You can run the Project Wizard to get an idea of what you need and how much it would cost to switch from Analogue (VHS) to digital.

For those needing to know what type and size digital video you need to capture based on a target audience then run the VideoPrepWizard.


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