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Welcome to the new Canopy Pilot Tendency Tracker


Perfect your game today by using the same principles and techniques that the pros use to analyze practice and competition game film. By entering every aspect of a particular run, you can build up subtle patterns in your training that can only be uncovered through number crunching.

For example, on a distance run, when you enter your canopy size, wing load, wind speed, course wind direction, and distance, you can determine the number of times you swooped a distance of 300+ FT with a head course wind of 4-8 MPH and a wing loading of 2.3 on a 96 canopy.

This process allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses faster and easier.

In addition to statistics, we can take the video associated with each run and overlay the criteria on top of it. Ultimately, you can use and showcase the video without needing to refer back to the statistics.

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